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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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for the second time since 2009, a soldier opens fire inside the ft. hood army base in texas. tonight we have new information. jay gray joins us from ft. hood. >> reporter: good evening. four people are dead including the suspected gunman. 16 injured after the second fatal attack at ft. hood in the last five years. >> seek shelter immediately. >> reporter: the early mornings echoed for civilians and soldiers to get shelter. >> approximately 90 vehicles. >> reporter: responding to shots that rang out on the post just after 4:00 this afternoon. >> a soldier assigned to 13th command fired shots at individuals within the unit areas here. within the first medical brigade area in the 49th transportation battalion area.
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post immediately went into lockdown. we have now lifted the lockdown as of 30, 45 minutes ago. >> reporter: the gunman took his own life. victims were rushed to area hospital by ambulance and medivac choppers. >> they had variety of injuries. >> reporter: some of whom remain in critical condition. president obama was informed of the shooting on a trip to chicago. >> we're heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. >> reporter: november 5th, 2009 when major nadah hassain opened fire. >> any time you lose any of your people to these kinds of tragedies there's an issue. there's a problem.
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>> reporter: add the investigation into what happened this time continues. jay gray, nbc news on ft. hood. >> thank you. we have more details on that suspected shooter. he's identified add 34-year-old army specialist ivan lopez. he served four months back in iraq in 2011. he was not wounded in action. he was being treated for depression and anxiety and va evaluated for possible post-traumatic stress disorder. he was married and lived near the base. now to another developing story in south plerk. for the second straight night chile has been marked by a massive earthquake. so far no reports of any death
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it was one of a series of aftershocks. there's been eight other aftershocks. you can hear the crashing and panic inside stoers and restaurants. you can see customers running out of this pharmacy. the damage was relatively limited. six people did die. we have new details about a deadly south bay stabbing. this story gets more complex and controversial. a legal twist led prosecutors to charge five men with murder even though they didn't do it. it's called the proactive act doctrine. we have this new development.
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>> reporter: the friends of ivan diaz, the teen who died are upset. they deny that anyone is in a gang. investigators say otherwise. >> they're take basic it too far. >> reporter: two friends of the murder victim want to remain anonymous. they are out raraged over the homicide charges of five of their schoolmates. >> they didn't murder him. those are his friends. >> reporter: they encountered a home less man on march 16th at john d. morgan park and began attacking him after some talk about gang affiliation. he fatally stabbed dian. he was originally arrested but he told under the circumstances in jailhouse interview it was self-defense. >> i wouldn't have pulled it out if i didn't fear for my life. >> reporter: the group has gang
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ties. >> the five subjects that were arrested today at a minimum associates of the gang. we believe that that led to the confrontation with the transient. >> reporter: they deny their schoolmates were in a gang. they describe them as good kids and are upset the home less man was released with no charges. >> either way it's still murder. >> reporter: the district attorney office says not so. people who cause someone else to kill are just as responsible for the act. in this case it's diaz's friends for initiating the confrontation with the homeless man. >> it's our responsibility to charge them and hold them liable for the death of that 16-year-old man. >> reporter: with him dead and his friends in jail for his murder those left behind feel alone. >> now that they took them away it's like we have nobody. >> reporter: three of the suspects were arraigned today. the other two are minors and are charged as adults. they will be arraigned tomorrow.
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thank you. right now the roads are dark at reed avenue in san jose. someone cut the street lights. last night a surveillance camera caught an ma opening an electrical box and cutting the wires. he road off on his bicycle. it's believed he cut the wires to return later and steel the copper wiring. also new at 11:00, the neighbors are not happy. a single family home near santa clara university might be convert into a mini dorm for students and it's totally legal. what's happening there? >> reporter: behind this fence a two bedroom house is being remodelled. neighbors were shocked to see the house listed add a rental, a six bedroom home rental. they found that listing online. they're afraid it's being turned into student housing. they want it stopped.
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>> we would have sold our property in advance. >> reporter: veronica is angry. she and her neighbors in university park found out online a so-called mini dorm is under construction next door. >> there's an outrage in the neighborhood. >> reporter: what was once a two bedroom, one path house is renting for $8,000 a month. >> we didn't sign up for the noise, litter, parking. if a two bedroom home couldn't find parking how do six bedrooms and the rentals that come have parking. >> reporter: people that live near park avenue are concerned students will move in when the house is complete and change the neighborhood. just five blocks away where lot offense students live there's furniture on the street and lots of activity. university park residents say they don't want to be overrun by students. >> this is the kind of thing all the people who are affected
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should have the opportunity to comment on once it happens. >> reporter: neighbors are petitions the city council to stop the project but the buyer is within zoning laws. the city can't limit the number of bedrooms, only the size of the home and neighbors are only notified of remodelling plans if saek a second story added. he says he will fight for a new process to prevent a next time. >> we want a thoughtful planned approach to what happens to our neighborhood. >> reporter: members of the santa clara city council say they are looking into this matter and considering some changes. changes like beefing up notification requirements and possibly requiring a special permit if you're adding additional bedrooms to a home. neighbors say they will be out in force at the santa clara city council meeting next week. reporting live, nbc bay area
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news. juts dost down the road san state making a shake up. they let go of 18 resident advisors. the r.a.s are live in supervisors. this comes after a black student was harassed by four white roommates inside a campus dorm last year. the firings are not related to that harassment case. this week spring storm might have led to a deadly crash in the east bay. today crews found a man dead inside of this car. it was submerged. our nbc chopper was on this site. a coroner id'ed the plan. they have trying determine what happened before the crash. yesterday's stormy weather left behind slick roads. this video shows hail falling in pittsburgh. his family said they last heard from him as he drove home from work around 5:00 last night.
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they called police around 11:00 worked about his safety. stay away from him. don't touch the camera. >> get out of here. >> please don't push me. >> excuse me. >> least a former ranking member of the santa clara sheriff's add vie ri board now in the sheriff jail facing nine felonies charged with white collar crimes. what his former investigator vs to say about the handcuffs and jail jumper. our investigation is next. latte art goes one wrong. with what did to a drink that has starbucks apologizing. why researchers say getting up early may be the key to help you slim down. you may have had sunshine for today but check it out. another storm system developing. we'll let you know when this gets here.
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it's a story of bay area greed. a prominent car dealer might have skirted the law for two years. he's accused of walking off with millions of dollars. we exposed him last year but now a new twist. he's in jail. let's bring in our chief investigative reporter. tony. >> for nearly two years we have brought you the story. the unanswered question has been how has he remained a free man. tonight that question has an answer. he's behind bars.
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l >> will you explain. sir, stay away from him. don't touch the camera. >> get out of here. >> please don't push me. excuse me. >> reporter: on that night, we've been trying to talk to you. we met him and some of his friends outside warriors game. asking questions for his investors they wanted to know what happened to their $1.3 million. >> what do you say to the people who want to know where their money is? can you say where the money is, sir? >> reporter: he avoided our questions and for more than two years he avoided the law. >> we are seeing justice. >> reporter: vincent invested more than a half million dollars in the business. >> he is a criminal. he deserved to be in jail. >> i thought he was going to get away with it. >> reporter: george lost 70 grand.
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>> it had to be intenonal because when you look back upon it, he meets all the requirements of a con man. >> reporter: they are two of 20 inve investo investors. they all entrusted him. they lost their money and temporarily lost confidence in the justice system. in the months that followed our original investigation in november of 2012, cameras regularly spotted him at a warriors game. that's him in the second row sitting with friends enjoying the nba while investigators from santa clara county reviewed the investors accusations. >> did you expect to see him in handcuffs in jail jump suit? >> there was a time that i would say i lost hope. i thought he might get away with it. >> reporter: in january the long time bay area car dealer traded in his court side seat for a seat behind bars in the county
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jail. arrested for nine felonycounts of securities fraud and theft. >> this is a massive scheme that victims are invested their money in this ponzi scheme and lost it. >> reporter: nine felonycounts that started with this advertisement in several bay newspapers. a promise of a 10% return for investing in one of his dealerships. >> i think they want to know where did the money go. do we know? >> we don't know. >> a lot of money. >> it's a lot of money missing. >> reporter: the criminal charges accused him of telling v investors he owed 670,000 and 1.7 million in california in  unpaid taxes. >> he failed to disclose those things. he misrepresented facts about where their money was going to
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be used. >> reporter: ultimately leaving the former member of the sheriff's advisory board in handcuff, behind bars charged with an aggravated white collar crime, fraud, embezzlement and a pattern of felony conduct. >> i told myself finally we are seeing justice. it's been a long time. >> is there satisfaction knowing he's behind bars? >> yes. it would be nicer to have money back with him in jail but at least he'll be in jail. >> he's wearing jail clothing. he's in handcuffs. you say he took your money. what what's that image mean to you? >> it means justice is served. >> the d.a. had charged his former accountant. he's not yet entered a plea but his attorney offered the following statement. it's a very complex case. ron had no intention of defrauding anyone. actions taken by various
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government agency have seriously impeded his ability to pay investors. we have confidence when all the facts are known he will be seen in a different light than he is currently seen. he remains in custody on bail that matches the amount he's accused of taking from investors, $1.3 million. >> that's a lot of money. tony has been covering the story for the past two years. to see a time line of our investigation go to our website, you can find the story on our front page or click on our investigations tab. if you have a tip or anyone else in our unit give us call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly. following some breaking news now in santa clara. officers are investigating a deadly crash. a car hit someone walking on 101.
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the crash at the great america parkway exit blocked in the northbound direction. once again 101 north at great america is blocked. chp officers say someone was crossing the freeway when a vehicle hit him. police say the driver did pull over after the accident. traffic is still moving. might be a little slow late tonight. a strange night for drivers crossing the new portion of the bay bridge. workers began removing the old portion of the bridge. workers are literally cutting it in half. you see that gap there. there was a time consuming project. the opening in the bridge should widen by several hundred feet come this summer. pretty incredible to see. we've talked about our microclimate forecast. we can see a lot of differences coming the next few days. >> after three storms in about four days, the past few days have been severe. live doppler radar showing dry conditions. we still have one more storm to
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get through before we see the temperatures begin to jump and get a preview of that right down there. as you get a look outside right now in the sky camera network no sign of any storm here across the south bay. currently clear skies. you can see excellent visibility across downtown. we are looking at a marine lay r building up against the coastline. that's the sign of the on shore flow. some changes in the atmosphere. that will get here as early as tomorrow. let's take you to the future cast and get you ready for that thursday forecast. almost said friday but not quite there yet. you'll be able to see as we head throughout tomorrow morning we'll see areas of high clouds increase down toward san jose. as we head throughout the day the cloud cover will pick it up. more of a partly sunny to mostly cloudy day headed our way. temperatures staying on the cool side.
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as we head throughout thursday night it's way out here but eventually we are looking at some rainfall moving in. not by 10:00 p.m. on thursday as we we head throughout 6:00 and 7:00 we'll see showers develop. that will continue to mover across the bay as we head throughout the early afternoon on friday's forecast. as we head throughout saturday we'll start to clear out. let's get you into that mic microclimate forecast. temperatures staying slightly below avenurage. san jose expecting 66. belmont 67. 56 right near the marina. also for the tri-valley notice the widespread mix of 60s. freemont 64. we have clouds for tomorrow. the possibility of showers as we
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head throughout friday's forecast and check this out. saturday, sunday and monday we are on a sunny stride right here across the south bay. by monday mid-80s possible. we'll also see the same scenario. some low to mid-70s possible in san francisco. take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley and no doubt out of all three the north bay and tri-valley will have the warmest temperatures. possibly mid-80s as we head throughout monday's forecast. below average this week and could be looking at record setting highs by next monday. a glitch for instagram users and starbucks is apologizing. dennis leary is here. we declare the winners of our four by four competition. we're on next.
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you can blame it on a glitch. plenty of people upset with instagram. they noted their time lines would only display pictures from five days ago. today instagram swetweeted they trying to fix the bug. what was the barita thinking. starbucks has to apologize to the customer. they are decorated with demonic emblems drawn in caramel sauce on top of foam and milk opinion according to the customer's facebook page, a barista made those drinks on sunday. the company has apologized for the incident and is taking her complaint very seriously. up next, another knife sending collapse pr the a's and the warriors continue to fight for playoff position.
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tried many moons before i had gray hair. tim was a rookie in oakland and a's fans loved him and now
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giants fans are loving him. >> he was great across the bay and off to a great start now. tim hudson's return to the bay. one of the question marks surrounding the giants rotation in 2014. in his first start tonight, taking that question and making it a statement. game three. hudson sporting a gaudy 7-1 year record. sco scoreless in the fourth a makes the grab savoring a run. he has the thank you glance. tom of the 6th michael moore towers the ball. bottom of the eight now. hudson continues to deal striking out chris owens. gives up just three hits, no runs. seven strike outs. giants win 2-0. off the field pablo sandoval has okay contract negotiations to resume should their offer of a
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three-year 40 million contract resume. giants could resume negotiations as long as they don't become a distraction for sandoval. oakland won. a shot in the whole. bryan shaw can't handle the flaw. top of the nineth. gym johnson on the mound. michael brant lee singles to right. josh the misplay. here comes jason. indians take the lead. they win it 6-4. car yours shooting a snap of 38 season losses in san antonio. with no david lee, the odds not in their favor. trail by 15 at the break. later st. marys. dialing long distance as well. spurs rule 111-90 the full-time.
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mexico and u.s.a. michael bradley heads up. what a finish. usa takes a 2-nil lead. they will have to settle for a 2-2 tie. that's all for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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what do you think of this? skinny people may be getting up earlier than everyone else. people exposed to morning light have a significantly lower body mass index. that's compared to people exposed later in the day. slackers. exposure to morning light can influence hormones that regulate your appetite. we're going to wake up bright and early. >> i'm out on this one because i don't get up until 10:00 on t s schedule. >> join us for our morning show. we're on at 4:30 a.m. good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests denis leary. cat deeley. musical guest, nickel creek. and featuring the legendary


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